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About Us

Welcome to Mortgage Reliance Financial Services, Mortgage Reliance has been serving customers since June 2003, and over this period we have grown from Mortgage Brokering firm to our relationship with The Intrinsic Network back in March 2007. Intrinsic is one of UK fastest growing professional Networks who currently have 1600 advisors across the country so wherever you may be, we would find a way to help you. Should you require an advisor to visit you, we would be able to arrange a meeting with one of our associates locally to you.

Our company built its foundation by providing experienced mortgage advisors to estate agents to help buyers and the agent insure that the transition is as smooth as possible and to ensure that all parties as kept informed of the progress all stages .
An Estate agent must act in the best interest for his clients, and hence we must act in the best interest for you. Sometime its difficult for everyone to communicated due to the constrains placed in the market for demand for a particular property and the time scales involved, we have found that in most cases, lack of communication was the cause of most fall throughs, which is a disappointment to all.

Why use a broker


  • We have access to a superior sourcing system to find the best deal to suit your need, sometime better rates than the Banks.
  • We do all the paperwork and explain in detail the pro and cons.
  • We can arrange home visits.
  • We work outside normal working hours you can call us any time.
  • We can negotiate with the agents.
  • We can recommend legal services ( solicitors )
  • We will hold your hand till completion.

Financial Services

  • Each area of the financial wheel is complex and differs for each individual person , so what we do is arrange for an associate advisor to contact you, so that he can complete a factfind and ensure that we have fully understood your needs and to then recommend a suitable product to meet your needs.
  • No matter how big or small your inquiry we will get an expert to carefully go through your needs and to give you quotes and advice on the required services.

Conveyancing is not regulated by the FCA

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